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※ Join conditions

1.With independent legal person qualification, with fixed office and start-up capital, in different industries larger force;

2.Agree with the company's marketing idea, abide by the system operation norm;

3.With a strong sense of professionalism and noble vocational morality, willing to fast electric water heater to market promotion and services;

4.Have certain economic strength and the market ability.

※ Join way

1.Our company is executed with city, as the basic unit, using a particular area sole total distribution system;

2.Join scheme points: municipalities directly under the provincial agent, agents, the capital city of agent, ground level agent, county agency;

3.Photo, shipping, depending on the first delivery of the forehead to supply price, year sales volume depending on the distribution area and calm;

※ Strong advertising support

1.Provide posters, flyer, all kinds of certificate of terminal image support supplies;

3.Through the alibaba, from his power grid, building materials, and the nets etc gateway website do network propaganda;

4.According to different sales season in CCTV into advertising, and in different areas according to the local market conditions in the local media like television, newspapers, magazines, release the advertisements provide support.

※ Good after-sales service

1.The warranty 1 year, lifelong maintenance;

2.According to the dealer sales situation, in the contract period provide some free vulnerability accessories;

3.Free technical training for distributors, improve its maintenance skills.

※ Cooperation plan one: distributors, stores

Match-ups, a matter of a tie, JieZuZhe up first!

Dealers, boutique is our sales terminals, market portal, dealers, the success of our store is the whole enterprise and distribution platform development of close to survive, ensuring the healthy development of dealers, stores and long income, and it is the fundamental foothold they century and the starting point, headquarters has the "low income, big profits" to all the dealers, store, and ensure that set up a, a success!

※ Cooperation scheme ii: the region agent distribution

Monopoly market, dominating the party, run my family!

Negotiate area of the sole distributor individual or unit please again detailed understanding of project, direct contact with headquarters investment advisers, we will apply for distribution according to the actual population area has and the per capita consumption value, the development space, business environment can be integrated assess conditions, formulate the sole distributor one-on-one regional planning operation scheme.




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