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Fields:Apply to home and all kinds of places, such as hospitals, office, hotel, hotel, entertainment public use hot water, etc.
Parameters:Water temperature: 30 to 60 ℃ is adjustable
1、Heating speed, a few seconds to open a hot water, i.e. without waiting for is hot
2、24-hour all-weather heating water, no longer worried for hot water supply shortage
3、180 degrees rotating nozzle design, application easier
4、Easy installation, simple operation, single handles flow water temperature regulation can be realized
5、Automatic electric switch without water, no electricity with high temperature prevent dry heating function, hydropower strict separation, multiple protection to ensure safe operation
6、Unique double channel structure design, gemi can convert instantly
7、Elegant and fluent line design, extremely rich contemporary and fashionable breath
8、Choiceness exquisite appearance, classic refined, show nobility and uncommon character
1、Save water province electricity: no storage water, without heat preservation, avoid preheated heating overmuch water and cause of waste
2、Easy installation: without any special device, direct fixed in the distil water tap, tap replaced the post-cooling water electricity can use
3、Efficient: namely, stepless drive which high temperature, can meet modern high standard, fast-paced life demand
4、Multiple protections: professional waterproof dirt, water and electricity dual separation design the ceramics, professional design, safe and reliable, compression corrosion
5、Complete function: breed diversity, small volume, the user family, public hands, wash face, wash dishes, wash dishes, a content multi-purpose
6、European environmental protection standard import high temperature resistant ABS
7、Designed for kitchen, toilet design
8、Installation is simple and easy to use
9、Open a hot, wash is more bright
10、Cold hot amphibious, hot water an unlimited
11、5 big protection, safety more security
12、The fourth generation of reinforced the 20% energy, heat faster and more durable
13、Wei: shampoo, face and hands, the spring and autumn and the bath



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